Reluctantly, the hosting committee has decided it best to cancel the August retreat. California has already begun implementing travel restrictions. We are aware that some participants may have been planning to travel long distances or perhaps internationally. Additionally, travel plans were likely to have been made far in advance and we wish to avoid any potential disruption in this regard. This seems the best course of action based on the information available today. Hopefully, this will all be a non-issue by the time August arrives.
Best to all.

Mount Shasta Light Publishing and friends are pleased to offer the 2020 Initiatic Journey this August on the magical mountain of Mount Shasta, CA. We’ll enjoy a wonderful variety of activities throughout the week as we follow along the path of the initiatic journey.

Many of the “old souls” of Lemuria are here now. We’ve come to assist Gaia, all kingdoms and humanity in a grand ascension event, the likes of which have never occurred before. We’re awakening to our own inner truth and remembering our lineages and family ties back to Lemuria, Atlantis and elsewhere. Our Lemurian family never left. They’ve been here, in the realms of Telos and Agartha, assisting us, watching over us and awaiting this time. There are many reasons why someone might feel nudged to visit Mount Shasta and, certainly, this could be one of them. Many will find that a visit to Mt. Shasta is, indeed, a return home.

We invite you to join us. It’s going to be a magical week!

Please email us at to register or receive additional information.

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