This is a sharing from memory (not a direct transmission) of our visit to Telos. We’ve connected with the tree giants of Telos before and we were pleasantly surprised to receive their message today.

The Redwoods and Sequoias just outside of Telos have invited us to refer to them as the Ancients. From their current experience in 5D, they are already connected with the tree giants on the surface. They are the record keepers and this is why they were brought to inner earth long ago to ensure the records were maintained.

The group consciousness of the Ancients in Telos is connected to the group consciousness of the tree giants on the surface who are being energetically drawn to the 5D new earth. This is happening in a similar way for other plant and tree kingdoms and also the animal kingdoms.

“There are many levels of individualized and collective consciousness that are here to support the shift into the 4D, 5D and beyond. Light holds information, coming from Creator through our sun. Dolphins and whales embody new earth codes and radiate them out to all beings on the surface. Elementals, guardians and devic angels are receiving assistance from higher levels of Light and offering assistance to the whole in return. The crystalline grids and energetic lay lines have been rejuvenated and are receiving/transmitting higher vibrational energies from the ascended heart of Gaia to support the transition. Everyone has a part to play as do we.”

The hierarchy within the elemental kingdoms are very much in tune with the heart and consciousness of Gaia. In a manner of speaking, we could say that they are informed and prepared to assist when Gaia is required to make big adjustments that may result in hardship or disharmony within a particular area. Unfortunately, there have been and continues to be some tampering with weather patterns that is not the choice of Gaia but rather the choice of humanity. This will come to an end.

Everything is energy and energy is eternal. The forest does not die when there is a fire but rather the energy and the consciousness held within is allowed to transition to new life.

The ancients express their great gratitude to us and those like us. That is, those who remember…those of us with the sensitivities and the wisdom to understand that all life holds consciousness. I perceive their energy as being calm, with stillness and refined in its essence. The Ancients remain steadfast in their form for thousands of years and we may consider that they have a group consciousness. They are all connected.

The Ancients and others, such as the elementals, are able to recognize us by our own energy signatures. We remember that we’re connected. The beings from these kingdoms are able to receive our good intentions and our blessings. They are welcomed with gratitude. We’re remembering how to work holistically just as we did in the days of Lemuria. We’re slowly returning to this remembrance and this way of living with love, respect and appreciation for all living things great and small. This is the natural way….working holistically for the greatest good, joy and abundance of all.