We arrive in the fields of Telos and pause for a moment to get our bearings and align ourselves with the energies. Looking out across the field, we see a large buffalo standing peacefully. Soon after, we see Jonathan approaching us from the other side of the field. He walks up to the buffalo and motions for us to come closer.

Like most Telosians, Jonathan is much taller and stronger in stature than most of us on the surface. He has brown skin and long dark hair. He shows himself to us this day dressed in his full regalia. He reminds us of an American Indian warrior, complete with chest plate, face paint and feathers in his hair.

Jonathan, and others in Telos, work with the elders on both sides of the veil from many indigenous cultures. In particular, Jonathan enjoys working with the American Indians. After all, there are many of us that trace our roots back to the time of Mu and Lemuria.

Jonathan resonates with the old ways of Lemuria and he’s very much tuned into the natural world. He resonates strongly with the heart of Gaia and the nature kingdoms. From a young age, the people of Telos are encouraged to discover their unique gifts, talents and passions. They are not constrained by the banking and other systems that exist on the surface. Jonathan has a way with animals.

Jonathan invites us to move closer. The animals in Telos also resonate with the frequency of 5D so this buffalo shows no fear or aggression. The buffalo stands calmly and watches us as Jonathan speaks.

We send love to them both, allowing it to flow and radiate from our hearts.

Jonathan says that all of the animals that share our surface world will be going to New Earth. Many have already begun their transition. Many species that we thought were lost have also been preserved in various locations. Many from the animal kingdom are moving through their ascension process more quickly than we are. We can see this if we look.

We can learn much from our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. I invite you to connect with the buffalo that has come to greet you this day. Allow yourselves to feel his strength, stability and sense of assurance.

Think of all that the buffalo have seen. They too have been through difficult times. This energy is still there. It carries over. It is an energy that is still present and is still playing out (coming into balance) on the surface. Rather than to disregard it, we are here to be in service to life itself.

This buffalo holds no grudge. He holds no painful memory for he chooses to be free. He reminds us of how strong we are also. We can weather the storm. We can move through the storm. We remain strong and stable. We are unyielding and yet we pass no judgment. We can simply be strong within ourselves and our own true nature which is love.

See the buffalo. He is kind and gentle to those around him. He is a great protector of his family. The winds will blow. The cold and the snow will come. The buffalo is wise. He stands strong and unwavering.

Jonathan says, we the elders are very much alive and well. We are very much participating at this time, stepping forward, many of us from many cultures and many times. We are coming together and we are here to assist in this great shift. For we have been here many times before and we are here with you now as we approach the precipice of the shift.

And so, we are very excited, optimistic and even a little anxious. We keep our focus on that which we know has already been created and that which is in the process of unfolding to be made manifest even now. And yet we do not lose our stability in these storms. We draw from times past, that of our cultures, and we bring it forward. This helps us to stand strong and stable like the buffalo when the storms come. For we know who we are. We know from where we have come and we know where we are going. We stand strong in this faith, in this trust, in this knowing as absolute and we do not waiver. We are free. We are strong like the buffalo. And so, we invite you to feel his energy, with his blessings and may it assist you on your path.

We can see all the things that are unfolding and taking place on the surface. It is very hectic and chaotic. This is the energy shifting you see. The conflicting energies, the clearing of energies, the pressing of that which is coming manifest on top of that which has seen its time and is fading away, albeit with some resistance. It is not a requirement for you to be so immersed in the events of the day and to have an opinion of every unfolding and every detail for this will all come forward in its due time and you shall all know God’s truth. You shall know your histories. You shall know these things. So, it does not need to be so complicated. It can be simple. I encourage you, little brother, little sister, to reflect on these words when your heart and mind are stirred. Perhaps the emotional body is being pulled and tugged this way and that. I invite you to return to the energies of the buffalo. It can be simple. It is not complicated here today as we stand together, sharing the truth of our hearts. It is simple and it is good.

The buffalo does not fear the storm nor struggle against it. He holds no judgement or animosity about it. He remains strong in his faith and his trust. He knows the storm will pass. The cold days of winter shall pass and then shall come the abundance of sunshine and green pastures.

My friends, I will not keep you for I know that you have other business to attend to. I wanted to come and visit with you today. My friend, the buffalo, and I offer you this message in hopes that it may assist you in the days ahead. Know that we are with you and you with us. Do not fear for all is well. We will see each other again.

Photo credit: Joshua Earle, Unsplash