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I led a fairly typical life until what I refer to as a “catalyst event” took place in my mid-forties. A challenging series of life’s lessons had, by design, lessened the grip of the ego and opened the heart space. It was through meditation, study and the pursuit of wholeness and inner harmony that the doorway of a new and unexpected path opened up.

My inner work and spiritual journey continued alongside a long time corporate career in Supply Chain Management. One afternoon in 2013 while in meditation, Archangel Michael came to make himself known to me. The visit ended quickly but the experience and realization were life altering. Clearly I was being guided to a new path.

In 2015, I received an offer from my spiritual family to move to higher levels of service which of course are also in alignment with my soul’s calling or dharma. I had been made aware of the Lemurians in Telos and was often invited to sit with Adama, the High Priest of Telos. It would require giving up the life I knew in Tennessee and moving to the mountain of Mount Shasta, California to begin working specifically with Adama and the Lemurians of Telos.

In January, 2016 things began falling into place and with much gratitude I released a corporate career, small business and home. In early May I arrived in Mt. Shasta. Having spent the summer on the mountain taking messages from Adama, we have released our first published work together.

As I continue to follow my soul’s journey back home to Father/Mother God, I’ve come to remember that this is who I AM and the work I came to do. My experiences reflect the rising consciousness that Adama speaks about in Telos, Welcoming New Earth.

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