Message from Telos; The Ancients

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This is a sharing from memory (not a direct transmission) of our visit to Telos. We’ve connected with the tree giants of Telos before and we were pleasantly surprised to receive their message today. The Redwoods and Sequoias just outside of Telos have invited us to refer to them as the Ancients. From their current experience in 5D, they are already connected with the tree giants on the surface. They are the record keepers and this is why they were brought to inner earth long ago to ensure the records were maintained. The group consciousness of the Ancients in Telos [...]

Message from Telos; Jonathan and the Buffalo

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We arrive in the fields of Telos and pause for a moment to get our bearings and align ourselves with the energies. Looking out across the field, we see a large buffalo standing peacefully. Soon after, we see Jonathan approaching us from the other side of the field. He walks up to the buffalo and motions for us to come closer. Like most Telosians, Jonathan is much taller and stronger in stature than most of us on the surface. He has brown skin and long dark hair. He shows himself to us this day dressed in his full regalia. He [...]

2018 Wesak, The Big Shift, Ushering in the Next Golden Age

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2018 Wesak, The Choice Point

By |Tags: , , , , , , , , | As this next great shift continues to gain momentum, humanity will no longer be allowed to remain idle on the fence. Each of us, individually and collectively, are being guided to our choice point. The Divine discontent is rising along with our general awareness. This is the point of awareness where we realize for ourselves that our world is in the midst of an evolutionary shift. Each of us have the choice to remain in the lower vibrational experience or we can choose to go with Gaia to our 5D New Earth and our ascension. Either way, it’s all [...]