Discernment is a feeling not a function; following our soul’s guidance

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There’s a lot of talk about discernment these days. How do we know if something is true or false? How do we know if we’re making the right decision? We can improve our chances for success as we learn to use the reasoning ability of the mind combined with the intelligence of the heart. Our science hasn’t caught up yet but our Higher Heart actually has its own intelligence. This is our inner knowing and intuition. We’ve all heard the saying “Trust your gut.”Feeling with the heart is feeling into vibration. We can feel into our own vibration and we [...]

We can visit Heaven anytime we choose.

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Welcome. I chose this topic intentionally as my first blog post. It’s the most important and valuable thing I’ve learned in my life thus far and I would share it individually with the world if given the opportunity to do so. This is what I wish not only for each and every individual to understand conceptually but to experience and know for themselves. For when you learn the truth that you can visit Heaven anytime you wish, your perspective of the world and of your life in it will shift for the better. I make you this promise.The planet is [...]