This work is gifted to us by Adama, the High Priest of Telos and his messenger, Bryan Tilghman. Telos is a city of crystal and light deep in the heart of the mountain of Mount Shasta, California. The Lemurians have always been here, living alongside us, in the higher realms of the 5th dimension. They have patiently awaited the day when they would be able to step forward with others to assist us in this grand project.

Our world is changing quickly now as we step firmly through the doorway of a grand, cosmic scale event that is the accelerating evolution of humanity. Gaia and the many kingdoms that share our world are in the midst of their ascension process also. Everyone and everything is being affected whether consciously aware or not and it benefits us to have some understanding of the shifts taking place. This work may be considered as a guidebook for our planetary ascension process.

Higher vibrational frequencies of light and energy are flooding our planet like never before. Gaia’s electromagnetic fields are shifting us into higher vibrational frequencies. We are receiving wave after wave of Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine energies. These shifts are assisting us to wake us up as we expand into higher levels of consciousness.

We are being guided now to begin seeking our spiritual well-being. As we step forward to reclaim our divine sovereignty, we are also expanding beyond the old paradigms, beliefs and constructs that have created the grossly imbalanced world we live in today. The old constructs will begin to fall away as we are naturally guided to have more awareness, love and compassion for ourselves and others. It is through this new awareness and rising consciousness that humanity will co-create our New Earth with our Creator and the Company of Heaven.

Adama brings forth the wisdom of Lemuria to assist us both on our personal and collective journey through this next great shift. We glimpse the magnificence of the Inner Earth and one of its most radiant cities of light. Adama invites us to become reacquainted with our Lemurian family in Telos! He offers us great hope for the collective future of our planet as we move boldly into our next golden age and the creation of our New Earth.