I highly recommend journeying with Bryan to the Telos portal on Mt Shasta. Whenever I have the opportunity to go I always say yes! For me it is one of the most uplifting and heart-warming experiences of my life. The experiences, wisdom, and knowledge Bryan shares on this journey inspire me and give me great hope for the future of Gaia. Bryan shares more than is written in his book Telos, Welcoming New Earth, however I highly recommend reading the book before going, as you can be more prepared to ask questions which may arise during your visit.

Bryan’s opening and closing prayers are powerful beyond words, and the meditation that takes us to Telos always brings great joy to my heart. The messages received are so informative, loving and uplifting. I feel so blessed when Master Adama says, “You are always welcome here.”

The experience always leaves me with an even greater motivation to live consciously in the frequency of the fifth dimension as much as possible. And when I feel challenged by 3-D, I can ask for help. I can call on Trindletothton and Anthuras anytime and they are with me.

There are many other gifts generously offered in Bryan’s book and during these visits. I am ever so grateful to Bryan for answering the call and bringing forth the first of many other books to come as well as being available to personally share with us his experiences from his personal journeys as well as the wisdom he has gained. We are the New Earth Telos is Welcoming.

I’m happy to share my experience. And known that each one of you will have your own.

Many blessings on your journey to Telos and beyond.

– Joyce from Mt Shasta

A friend and I joined Bryan on Mt Shasta to connect with the Lemurians. I had recently met him and was reading his book. I knew I had connections with Telos at that time, but was not sure how deep. My friend that went up with us was very clear about who she is and her Lemurian family. She teaches classes and has been quite involved for some time.

I really wanted a deeper knowing about Telos and my family there. I felt it was a very important key to why I had to live here in Shasta. We were in the spot that Bryan said was a portal and would make feeling in easier. He did a guided meditation to help us connect. I felt such joy and also tears for the separation I experienced. It felt like a homecoming.

I have continued to go into my own meditations and be transported back to Lemuria. If any of this resonates I suggest going further with investigating if you are Lemurian. There is a great deal of healing that comes from this beautiful experience.

Many blessings Bryan

– Penelope

Reunion with my Lemurian Heritage

Going with Bryan to the portal was a very blessed day for me. As we were walking on thepath towards the portal we were talking and suddenly the energy changed. A few minutes later we arrived at the portal. The energy was very pure and intense.

What happened afterwards is very personal for me but it was so emotional and beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful moments of my life.I felt the reunion with my Lemurian heritage and so much Love that my heart was filled with happiness.

If you consider to go with Bryan, I recommend reading his book first. It connects you easier with the Lemurian energy and with Master Adama. Give yourself the gift of reconnection with a lost part of yourself, lost from the past with a connection to a bright new future.

– Marion

We had the exquisite opportunity to visit the Portal with Bryan the weekend of the Fall Solstice, just three weeks ago.It was a gorgeous day in Mount Shasta and walking up to the site with friends was fun. Once gathered at the tree circle, we were filled with joy and anticipation and began to feel activated.

Bryan’s words, explanations and immense love for the work he is being a vessel for was enriching.
And then, Master Adama spoke, greeting us, preparing us and leading us deep within our Hearts and into the path that took us to a marvelous courtyard in the City of Light of Telos. We were tenderly offered clearings and transmissions by a group of Telosians who knew us well.

We are still integrating the gifts given and are so grateful for that Love.Thank you, Bryan, for all that you have done so that now we can have the possibility of these encounters with Master Adama and Telos.

– Emilia

Bryan invited a friend and me to the portal to be initiated into the Telosian sisterhood. At the portal, a fairly easy hike from the parking lot at Bunny flat, Adama and a group of Telosian women gathered and performed a beautiful, loving initiation ceremony with us, which Bryan described as it proceeded, and which I was able to both visualize and feel profoundly.

Thank you, Bryan!

– JoyAn

Wow! What an experience. It was such a highlight to go up to a special place on Mt. Shasta with Bryan. In addition to channeling Adama, we had the good fortune of some other beings making their presence known. I appreciate that the group size was capped to keep it intimate.

– Gene from Oregon